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With Love

It is with love I write this post to my dear sister-in-law Dale. For many years, Dale was a digital calligrapher on the east coast and she helped me get started on the west coast. Between us we called it the family biz. Dale passed away on […]

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Using fonts to create the look and feel of your wedding.

I literally have thousands of fonts. I love looking at them, collecting them and talking about fonts with people who also have an affinity for them. Typefaces tell a story and that is why choosing the right ones for each event is so important. For envelope addressing […]

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Why digital calligraphy works!

Digital Calligraphy is a beautiful and affordable alternative to hand calligraphy. Although the organic quality of hand calligraphy cannot always be matched, digital calligraphy has many benefits. With Digital Calligraphy you are able to create your unique style with an array of font types and colors. I […]

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